Nubian -> Νούβιος


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Nubian -> Νούβιος

Nubia (pronounced /ˈnjuːbiə/) is a region in Southern Egypt along the Nile and in what is now northern Sudan. Most of Nubia is situated in Sudan with about a quarter of its territory in Egypt. In ancient times it was an independent kingdom.

Recent studies in population genetics suggest that there was a south-to-north gene flow through the Nile Valley.  Similarly, linguistic evidence suggests that the Nubians in the Nile Valley were related to peoples originally from the south or southwest. Comparative historical research into the Nubian language group has indicated that the Nile-Nubian languages must have split off from the Nubian languages still spoken in the Nuba Mountains in Kordofan, Sudan, at least 2,500 years ago. [2]


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