Title for the dead?


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Λέμε "κύριος/-ία" για τους πεθαμένους στα αγγλικά;
Γιατί μου κάνει εντύπωση που όλες αυτές τις μέρες το BBC Μr τον ανεβάζει Μr τον κατεβάζει τον Μιλόσεβιτς. προφορικά και γραπτά στο ρεπορτάζ.


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Μια και μιλούσαμε για style guides, ορίστε τι λέει σχετικά ο Online Style Guide των Times:


on news pages, though not on features and sport, almost every surname should be granted the courtesy of a title. The exceptions are: convicted offenders, the dead (but not the recently dead, except in obituaries), and - mostly in the arts, sports, books and diary sections - cases where common usage omits a title. On news pages, similarly, sportsmen, artists, authors, film stars, pop stars, actors etc should now normally not be referred to as Mr/Mrs/Ms etc, except in court cases or exceptional occasions where guilt would be implied by omitting the honorific.

General rules:

First mention, Herbert Palfry, Juliette Worth, subsequently Mr Palfry, Mrs/Miss/Ms Worth.
Put the name first, then the age (if relevant), then the description; eg, Jane Fonda, 57, the American actress; avoid the journalese construction “actress Jane Fonda” or the like
Avoid initials and middle initials (as in American names) unless the person is best-known thereby (eg, W.G. Grace, with full points).
Ms is nowadays fully acceptable when a woman wants to be called thus, or when it is not known for certain if she is Mrs or Miss.
Dr is no longer confined to medical doctors; if a person has a doctorate from a reputable university, Dr is acceptable.
Court proceedings: accused people should be accorded the appropriate title (Mr, Miss etc) - however guilty they may appear - after name and first name have been given at first mention; only convicted persons should be referred to by surname alone. But do be sensitive especially in murder cases, where the accused is given, for example, his "Mr"; the victim (despite the dead not usually being given a title) should here be accorded the courtesy of the title. Otherwise the stark contrast of, say, Mr X being accused of the murder of Dando, can appear gratuitously offensive

Σελίδα του BBC για τον Μιλόσεβιτς.
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Eυχαριστώ. Μαζί με τη διάκριση των "νεωστί", είναι ενδιαφέρον και το περι προσφωνήσεως κατηγορουμένων-καταδίκων.


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