Sidetone -> πλάγιος τόνος;

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πλάγιος τόνος κατά Βαλεοντή....

In telephony, sidetone is the effect of sound that is picked up the the telephone's mouthpiece and reproduced by the earpiece of the same handset, acting as feedback that the phone is really working.

Without sidetone, the user does not hear their own voice in the earpiece and the telephone user may think the phone is not working. Too much sidetone causes the phone user will hear their own voice loudly and may feel uncomfortable, causing the user to lower the level of their voice.

Digital telephones lack the mechanical acoustics and circuity which created sidetone in older phones, so digital phones include electronic circuitry to reproduce the sidetone.

Sidetone is useful for people using handsets but can cause acoustic feedback in teleconferencing systems if not treated properly.
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Και είναι απ' αυτά που έχουν ήδη υιοθετήσει κι άλλοι. Καμία σχέση με τον πλάγιο ήχο. :-}


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