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Stonevoice Translator is a general-purpose localization tool initially developed to help with the translation of the Stonevoice Application Suite, and now available to the Open Source community. It is free, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Support for text and binary formats

Text formats:

    * Generic INI-Like files (*.ini)
    * Inno Setup messages (*.isl)
    * FlaskMPEG/BSplayer-Like (*.flask;*.lng)
    * ASP/VBScript "Variable = String" (*.dat.asp)
    * JavaScript "Variable = String" (*.dat.js)

Binary formats:

    * Sounds (*.wav)
    * Images (*.gif;*.jpg;*.bmp;*.ico)

Compound formats:

    * Groups of files to be localized (*.svt)

# Organize strings in an easily browsable hierarchical view
Special comments in the localizable files allow the original authors to group strings together at different levels.
# Translation notes
Special comments in the localizable files are parsed by Stonevoice Translator and allow the original authors to add custom translation notes to each string or group of strings.
# Import and review old translations
A previous version of a localized file can be opened and compared to the new reference and translation, or automatically imported.
# Reuse old phrases using the "dictionary" (*.dix)
Entire phrases, already translated, can be automatically suggested; they are clearly marked as such. If the same reference phrase has been previously translated in multiple ways, the most used alternative is suggested first, but the user can choose another alternative.
# Consistency checks
During translation, inconsistencies in capitalization and "decorations" (e.g. ending dots, spaces or other symbols) can be detected and reported.
# Mark strings for easy revision and verification
You can mark strings with the "verified" and "to be verified" flags. This information is saved in a "tagfile" (*.tgf) near the translated file.
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