The Corrs - Old Town (video clip & lyrics)

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The Corrs - Old Town

The girl's a fool
She broke the rule
She hurt him hard
This time he will break down
She's lost his trust
And so she must
Know all is lost
The system has broke down
Romance has broke down

This boy is crackin' up
This boy has broken down
This boy is crackin' up
This boy has broke down

She plays it hard
She plays it tough
But that's enough
The love is over
She's broke his heart and that is rough
But in the end he'll soon recover
The romance is over




I've been spending my money
In the old town
It's not the same honey
With you not around
I've been spending my time
In the old town
I sure miss you honey
Now you're not around
You're not around
This old town


[Chorus] x2

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