MED e-lessons

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MED e-lessons

Solid dictionary skills are a crucial element of successful English-language learning, and the Macmillan English Dictionary e-lessons are designed to help you pass on these skills to your students. Each month we offer full teaching notes and photocopiable worksheets on key elements of the MED, ranging from simple tasks like using Guide Words, to more detailed discussion about metaphor, idiom and modern phrases.

Choosing the right word

As learners of English progress in their language skills, they leave behind generalised words and phrases, and move on to more interesting and exact ways of speaking. This month’s e-lesson is designed to help them in this process, through use of the ‘Other ways of saying . . .’ boxes in the dictionary, at entries like change, false and increase.

Time and materials
Allow 10–15 minutes.
You can do this activity without a dictionary, using just the board and the worksheet.



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