Proz Job: Series of Annual Accounts - approx. 120 pages (English to Greek)

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This job was originally posted at

Job: Series of Annual Accounts (approx. 120 pages)

Job type: Translation/editing/proofing job

Languages: English to Greek

Job description:

    For the first time, I am given a translation EN=>GR.
    My client needs to have translated 12 files which are statements of annual accounts for different years, for a company that shall be set in Greece.
    I should receive the texts this afernoon and check what to do, and count the number of words,... and deadline.
    If you are interested in such translation, please send me your background + tariff, knowing that if you are not an expert with accounting and financial terminology, better to avoid replying.
    A confidential agreement shall be signed before starting, upon request from my client.
    Thanks for sending your interest only to the Proz as I have so many applicants sometimes that it is impossible to detect a spam from a new translator's message.
    I should give all the job this week end, not knowing how much (but i am sure there are 120 pages - of course with numbers, figures...
    I only work with native people working in their mother tongue.
    Thanks for your reply

    ---- Text below added Nov 21, 2008 12:23 CET (GMT+1) by FPons----

    Je dispose des textes en XLS et donc Trados s'avère nécessaire car il y a environ 5000 mots No Match et 13500 répétitions à 100% (un délai donc de 5 jours ouvrables est plus approprié - merci de faire offre sur cette base). Désolée pour l'information tardive
    Source format: PDF Document

    Delivery format: Microsoft Word

Volume and pricing:

    120 pages
    Payment method: Bank transfer
    Payment 25 days after date of delivery.

Service provider targeting (specified by job poster):

Preferred expertise: Business/Financial
Preferred native language: Greek
Subject field: Finance (general)
Quoting deadline: Nov 22, 2008 18:00 EET (GMT+2)    (GMT: Nov 22, 2008 16:00)
Delivery deadline: Dec 4, 2008 18:00 EET (GMT+2)    (GMT: Dec 4, 2008 16:00)
Additional requirements: only native

Contact method: Please submit your quote via by clicking the "submit quote" button.


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