I hope you had a pleasant stay in Chicago -> ελπίζω να περάσατε καλά στο Σικάγο

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can someone please translate this into greek so that i can write a "holy-man" friend of mine in greece....

i hope you had a pleasant stay in chicago and a welcome return to your home in greece.  it was a great pleasure meeting you.  thank you for spending time with me and my family during your short and very busy stay in chicago.  you are always in our prayers.   please keep us in yours.  dont forget us!  take good care of yourself.  i hope to see you again soon.  we miss you very much.  thank you for everything.  greetings from....

02/19/2005:  thank you vicky for your partial reply below. I myslef am greek and work for the church, but my greek is not the greatest.  I think if someone felt nice enough or just wanted to perhaps help me in a translation (at no cost) it would be very nice of them.  i am trying to thank a priest for his help with my family and send him a donation, but if the terms of this website make people not want  to spend an extra couple minutes providing the tranlsation, then thats too bad for me i guess.  wordlingo.com provided me with a free translation, but i preferred to get one from here as i thought it was a more reliable source.
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  • Vicky Papaprodromou
Hi there.

Your subject sentence would be:

"Ελπίζω να περάσατε καλά στο Σικάγο" or

"Ελπίζω η διαμονή σας στο Σικάγο να ήταν ευχάριστη"

However, if you are asking for the whole paragraph to be translated, I am afraid nobody will help you. Browse the site's rules to see that you can only ask questions with a maximum of 12 words. Otherwise, it is considered to be a job and you should contact a professional and pay for this job.

All the best for the weekend,



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