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cod (kɒd)
vb (tr) , cods, codding or codded
1. Brit and Irish to make fun of; tease
2. Brit and Irish to play a trick on; fool
3. Brit and Irish a hoax or trick
4. Irish a fraud; hoaxer: he's an old cod.
adj (prenominal)
5. Brit mock; sham: cod Latin.
[C19: perhaps from earlier cod a fool, perhaps shortened from codger]
cod (kɒd)
1. Northern English a fellow; chap: he's a nice old cod.
[of unknown origin]
COD - definition of COD by The Free Dictionary

'What did we get for it? A country, if you'd believe them. Some of our own johnnies in the top jobs instead of a few Englishmen. More than half of my family work in England. What was it all for? The whole thing was a cod.'
From Amongst Women, by John McGahern
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