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How to batch upload files to the gallery using Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard (for Coppermine)


1. First make sure that the following option is active in a typical Windows Explorer Window: Tools / Folder Options / General - Show common tasks in folder

2. Windows Explorer's Folders button must be inactive otherwise you will not see the option to use the Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard.

3. Log in to the gallery using Internet Explorer and check the Always stay logged in (in SMF) or Remember me (unbridged) option.

4. Download this file and save it to your desktop (Right click and then Save as). [If you are going to upload to a site other than translatum replace the domain URL of the link, all the way up to - http://www.translatum.gr/gallery - with the site's gallery URL]

5. Run it. It will add an entry to your registry (it is absolutely safe).

6. Move to the folder which contains your images.

7. Click on Publish this folder to the web (A note for pictures taken with digital cameras: if you use this method exif information from your images will not be displayed. If you them to be displayed use the standard upload method.)

8. This will start the Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard

9. Select the files you want to upload

10. Click on Translatum Photo Gallery (This entry is created once you run the file you downloaded earlier)

11. Select the album or create a new one

12. In this case I select the album Thessalonica

13. If your images are over 600 pixels select the resize option (640x480). This will resize them. If you do not see the resize dialog then you must have changed the file associations for image files. This could have been done automatically by installing software like ACDSee. You can restore file associations manually or by using this simple program fix image associations.

14. When you click Next your file(s) are going to be resized and uploaded.

15. Click Finish and your browser will open the Gallery.

This is it!

If this way we can create albums in the main albums category as well, then i guess it would save the administrator a lot of trouble. I'll check this out later, I promise! :P

No, you still cannot create albums in the main category ):
It is just a quicker way to upload stuff.

Hi there,

I am using Gallery2.2.2 and i am struggling with the xp upload withard. I wonder if there is a way to keep the exif data. Spiros' comment is from almost 3 years ago. Does anybody know if there is a way to keep the exiv data in combination with the xp upload wizard?

Thanks a lot for help!


I am not sure whether this method can be used to maintain exif data. Apart from the standard batch upload (via FTP) there is a java upload plug-in you could use:



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