I am sorry I drove you away. I miss you very much. -> Λυπάμαι που σ' έδιωξα. Μου λείπεις πολύ.


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Please consider my attempt and let me know how wrong I might be. This is the best I could do with references and some greek friends who are getting rusty in written greek. :-)

The hard part was 'drive'. I tried 'push' but that didnt work very well. I was told σπρωχνω was too harsh. Plus I have seen two different spellings for λειπεις in this context, λυπεις perhaps? THANKS!

Λυπουμαι που σε διωχσα μακρια απο μου. Μου λειπεις πολυ.
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Hi there.

A few corrections to your try.

"Λυπάμαι που σ' έδιωξα. Μου λείπεις τόσο/πολύ"
"Μετανιώνω που σ' έδιωξα. Μου λείπεις τόσο/πολύ"
"Λυπάμαι που σ' ανάγκασα να φύγεις μακριά μου. Μου λείπεις τόσο/πολύ"

I'd rather go for the last one.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ο λόγος είναι μεγάλη ανάγκη της ψυχής. (Γιώργος Ιωάννου)


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