Alchemy Publisher 2.0 Webinar (view the video)

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Alchemy Publisher 2.0 Webinar (view the video)

 Alchemy PUBLISHER is an advanced translation memory solution that enables organizations to accelerate the translation of global content by leveraging previously translated materials. This will dramatically reduce the cost of translation, accelerate the delivery of localized content to overseas markets, and maintain quality and consistency across an organization's content.

Faster Time to Market
High-quality translation of content is crucial to the success of multi-national companies. As many organizations increase the availability of their product and services to meet the demands of overseas markets, they require dependable translation solutions that will lower overall costs, reduce time-to-market and improve quality.

Advanced Translation Memory
Alchemy PUBLISHER stores previously translated content in a single multi-lingual translation memory which allows an organization to easily access and leverage this content for all future translation projects.

When new content is presented for translation, Alchemy PUBLISHER swiftly analyzes it against information already stored within the translation memory. Any content that has already been previously translated is re-used - instantly reducing the amount of new material translators need to work on.

Improving Quality
Using translation memory in a translation project improves consistency and accuracy of localized content. It enhances customer experience, increases customer satisfaction and ultimately creates additional revenue opportunities from international markets.

Download an Evaluation Version of Alchemy Publisher 2.0 [Requires registration]


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