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μπρίκι -> 1. briki (pronounced breekee), Greek coffee pot, Turkish coffee pot, cezve, ibrik 2. brig 3. (slang) crap, trash

Καθώς στα περισσότερα ελληνοαγγλικά λεξικά ξεφεύγει εντελώς (Μαντζέντα π.χ. brig), είπα να το δούμε αλλιώς...

A cezve is a pot designed specifically to make Turkish coffee. In Greece, the device is called a briki (μπρίκι). The Greek name is more commonly used in English-speaking countries such as the United States and Australia because of their large Greek immigrant populations. The long handle is particularly useful to avoid burning one's hands, and the brim is designed to serve the coffee. Other regional variations of cezve are: jezve (pronounced: yez-vuh, ĉezve (pronounced: chehz-vuh). This word is also used in Russian d(zh)ezva, along with "turka." Elsewhere, the cezve is known as an ibrik, which is also the most common usage in the United States. Ibrik is Turkish word from Arabic `ibriq in turn a rendition of Persian a:bri:z - a:b water, ri:z (older rêz) a cup. In Turkey, 'ibrik' has another meaning, it is again used for long spouts but used for handling liquids like oil and wine, not for brewing coffee. The same usage is common in Romania.
Cezve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
coffee pot - Wiktionary
μπρίκι - Βικιλεξικό
Ορισμοί για: μπρίκι -

The pot used for making Greek coffee is called a briki. It comes in 2, 4, and 6 demitasse cup sizes that help create the right amount of foam ... a very important part of the process. When making Greek coffee for more than 6 people, it's best to do it in stages, making more than one pot. A good substitute is the steaming pot with a handle that is used for frothing milk.
Pronunciation: BREE-kee
Definition of Briki - A Pot to Make Greek Coffee

μπρίκι 1 το [brí<k>i] O44 : μικρό μεταλλικό σκεύος με κυλινδρικό σχήμα και μακριά λαβή, στο οποίο βράζουν τον καφέ ή άλλα αφεψήματα.  [τουρκ. ibrik (από τα αραβ.) -ι με αποβ. του αρχικού άτ. φων.]
μπρίκι 2 το : είδος ιστιοφόρου με δύο κατάρτια.  [ιταλ. brick -ι (< γαλλ. brick < αγγλ. brig)]

In nautical terms, a brig is a vessel with two square-rigged masts. During the Age of Sail, brigs were seen as fast and maneuverable and were used as both naval war ships and merchant ships.
Brig - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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