Julie Delpy, An ocean apart... (lyrics)

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Υπήρχε σε ένα κινηματογραφικό νήμα, ο σύνδεσμος ήταν όμως με ημερομηνία λήξης και εκεί δεν υπήρχαν στίχοι. Στη θέση του ocean βάλτε ό,τι θέλετε.Το τραγούδι μιλάει για τον Ατλαντικό ωκεανό, μπορεί όμως και όχι... εξαρτάται προς ποια κατεύθυνση-ταινία κοιτάτε, πριν το ξημέρωμα ή πριν το ηλιοβασίλεμα;
Ειλικρινά δικό σας...

Julie Delpy - An Ocean Apart

Now we are together, sitting outside in the sunshine
But soon we'll be apart and soon it'll be night at noon
Now things are fine, the clouds are far away up in the sky
But soon I'll be on a plane and soon you'll feel the cold rain

You promised to stay in touch when we're apart
You promised before i left that you'll always love me.
Time goes by, people cry, everything goes too fast.
Now we have each other enjoying each moment with one another
But soon I'll be miles away and soon the phone will be our only way

You promised we'll never brake up over the telephone
You said our love was stronger than an ocean apart
Time goes by and people lie, everything goes too fast.

Let's not fool ourselves in vain, this far away trip will give us pain
We'll have to be so strong to keep our love from going wrong
Distance will make us cold, even put our love on hold
But soon we'll meet again and soon it'll be bright at noon again

You promised not to loose faith in our love when i'm away
You promised so much to me but now you've left me
We go by and then we lie all this time we wasted
Time goes by, people lie everything goes too fast.

Time went by, and then we died, everything went too fast.
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