break the bank -> τινάζω την μπάνκα στον αέρα, τινάζω την μπάνκα, ξεπαραδιάζομαι, σηκώνω όλα τα λεφτά μου, αδειάζω τον λογαριασμό μου, χαλάω μια περιουσία, μείνω πανί με πανί, μείνω ταπί


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break the bank -> τινάζω την μπάνκα στον αέρα

In gambling, breaking the bank refers to a player winning a critical sum of money from the casino. The literal, extremely rare, situation of breaking the bank, is winning more than the house has on hand. The term can also been used for the act of winning more chips than there are at the table. In blackjack, card counting can facilitate a winning streak, that eventually breaks the bank.
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