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A Greek–English Lexicon—wikified by Translatum!

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A Greek–English Lexicon—wikified by Translatum!

Main Page - Ancient Greek - English Dictionary (LSJ)

This has been a long term project which has finally come to fruition after painstaking work and bug squashing.

It is based on the Greek–English Lexicon, which is more commonly known as Liddell, Scott, Jones (LSJ), an Ancient Greek to English dictionary.

So far, it had been available on Perseus, but there has not been any wiki implementation which would allow for the dictionary to be enriched and improved by user input.

A number of features have been added to enhance translatum's wiki implementation; for example diacritics-insensitive live search, random ancient Greek quotes with English translations, semantically arranged data and Indexes (read about them) with different transliterations and forms to match every taste, from the scholar to the layman.

Most importantly, you can search using polytonic Greek, monotonic Greek, atonic Greek (without any accents at all) as well as Latin characters, (lowercase or uppercase). You will get live search results no matter which option you choose (scroll down to see a video demonstrating this functionality). This was one of the features I considered most important when planning this project as searching for example in Perseus can be quite complex.

As today is Valentine's day, I deemed fit to launch this new project with a tribute to love and a special dedication to classics' scholars (and we do have a couple of resident ones that we particularly have in mind).

Currently user registration is only allowed after approval. Only people who are interested in improving the Lexicon and with Ancient Greek knowledge are eligible. You can apply by email using [LSJ] as your email's subject and suggesting two improvements or additions.

Search form to use on your web site:

Right click on the above link and click save. Then just copy and paste the code from the txt file in your html source code.

Great stuff!!

τα συγχαρητήριά μου, Σπύρο!  I'll look forward to seeing the video, when it's up and running!

The video is at the bottom of the first post ;)



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