Proz Job: Translation of cellular applications (English to Greek)


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Job: job offer: immediate: English to Greek - cellular

Job type: Translation/editing/proofing job

Languages: English to Greek

Job description:

    Lichi Translations, an agency based in Israel is looking for a technical translator for a cellular applications.

    the project is imediate, 4000 words.

    Please send CV, quote and time table:

    Mikhal Heffer

    list of strings such as:

    SIM/USIM Examination Report
    SIM/USIM Examination Report Properties
    SIM/USIM Examination Report Index
    Location Information
    SIM/USIM IMEI (for O2)
    SMS - Text Messages (Deleted)
    Parameter Name
    Parameter Value
    SIM/USIM MSISDN Not Available
    SIM/USIM Location Information
    Selected - Skipped due to failure
    Selected - Partial extraction
    SMS - Text Messages
    Phone SMS - Text Messages
    Call Logs

Service provider targeting (specified by job poster):

Membership: Non-members may quote after 12 hours
Subject field: Telecom(munications)
Quoting deadline: Jan 8, 2009 17:00 UTC (GMT+0)    (GMT: Jan 8, 2009 17:00)
Delivery deadline: Jan 12, 2009 17:00 UTC (GMT+0)    (GMT: Jan 12, 2009 17:00)
Additional requirements: prefered translators with relevant background and experience in the cellular industry

Contact method: Please submit your quote via by clicking the "submit quote" button.


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