sousaphone -> σουζάφωνο


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The sousaphone is a brass instrument, related to the tuba and hélicon. It is widely employed in marching band and tanjidor. Designed so that it fits around the body of the musician and is supported by the left shoulder, the sousaphone may be readily played while being carried. The instrument is named after American bandmaster and composer John Philip Sousa, who popularized its use in his band.

noun music neuter βόμβαρδον [VOnvarδon], feminine τούμπα [TUba] (a form of bass tuba, similar to the helicon, used in brass bands)
Magenta English-Greek dictionary for English Speakers

το, Ν· (μουσ.) μουσικό όργανο, παραλλαγή τής μπάσο ή κοντραμπάσο τούμπας, που φέρει κινητή καμπάνα.
Πάπυρος – Μέγα Λεξικό της Ελληνικής Γλώσσας


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