InDesign for Translators e-book (by Chris Phillips)

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InDesign for Translators e-book (by Chris Phillips)

If you are a translator, agency or desktop publisher who has had to translate InDesign files in the past you have probably experienced one, if not all, of the problems I will help you prevent.

I want to HELP you correct issues in InDesign and simplify the translation process

Through these quick and easy steps you are guaranteed to save time, money and headaches.

It is crazy that InDesign is one of the most ordered translation formats yet there are still so many who suffer problems during the translation cycle. You no longer have to be one of them.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not an InDesign expert or even a Desktop Publisher, and you do not need to be either, but in my eight years of running a translation agency I have had to deal with a lot of InDesign files and before I knew what I know now...




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I posted a review of the book InDesign for Translators on my blog at

Hope it helps
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indeed, an interesting approach and at least from the overview it seems to cover some important parts of preparing InDesign files.

Overall InDesign has been and will be the bottleneck of translation (if not all Adobe products..) due to it's enhanced features which will not comply with the logic behind a CAT tool.

However an observation: The guide seems to cover InDesign CS3 - or better up to CS3.

To be noted at this point is that we have reached version CS5.5 with each version and subversion since CS3 bringing in new features.

First of all you have a new interchange format (no more messy inx), that is much cleaner to start with, to a point they become human-readable. However tons of dangerous features have been added such as track changes which can even bend a person's will to translate.

Don't get me wrong, but if you are to prepare an InDesign file for translation you need to be familiar with how it works and what it can do. Simply cleaning some hyphens or line breaks will not solve any issues (or maybe some).

Futhermore working with an outdated CAT Tool (e.g. Trados 2007) will pop the "Cannot convert file" or "Java virtual machine failed" message eventually.

P.S. I started writing this before I read valtom's review, but I think there is a good match :)


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