Christ is born -> Χριστός γεννάται

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Greetings everyone,

I'm writing about Greece and my story takes place during Christmas. I remember many years ago that people on Crete greeted each other with a phrase that began with "Christos..." The response was "Alithos..." I can't remember the second words.

What might this phrase be? My Greek was never very good, but I thought they were saying "Christ is born" and "Truly he is born." I remember clearly a phrase from Easter: "Christos anesthi"; but not the Christmas greeting.

Can anyone help? I would be very grateful, as I am trying to work this into my story.

??? ???

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Hi there,

It must be "Χριστός Γεννάται" and "Αληθώς Γεννάται" (Christos gennatai, alithos gennatai). They used to say this wish in Asia Minor, I suppose it must be the same in Crete.


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