Richard Hawley - The Ocean (video clip & lyrics)

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Richard Hawley (born Richard Willis Hawley, 17 January 1967, Sheffield, England) is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. After his first band, Treebound Story (formed while he was still at school), broke up, Hawley found success as a member of Britpop band Longpigs in the 1990s. He later played with Pulp, led by his friend Jarvis Cocker.

Coles Corner is the fourth studio album from musician Richard Hawley. The title track immortalizes the legendary Sheffield landmark Coles Corner, a popular meeting place of old and new lovers. The album was nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize for best album. "The Ocean" is the #5 track of this album.

Source: The Wikipedia

Richard Hawley - The Ocean

You lead me down, to the ocean
So lead me down, by the ocean

You know it's been a long time,
You always leave me tongue tied
And all this times for us
I love you just because

You lead me down, to the ocean
The world is fine, by the ocean

You know this time's for real
It helps the heart to heal
You know it breaks the seal of the talisman that harms
And so you look at me and need
The space that means as much to me

So lead me down, to the ocean
Our world is fine, by the ocean

You know the way it is in life, it's so hard to live up to
So why are you still dressed in your mourning suit
I assume, I assume

You'll lead me down, to the ocean
Don't leave me down, by the ocean
The ocean.

Here comes the wave, here comes the wave
Here comes the wave, down by the ocean

The ocean, the ocean...

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