Le Silence de la mer -> The Silence of the Sea


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Le Silence de la mer -> The Silence of the Sea

Le Silence de la mer (The Silence of the Sea) is a novel written in early 1942 by Jean Bruller under the pseudonym Vercors. It was published secretly in Nazi-occupied Paris. The book quickly became a symbol of mental resistance against German occupiers.

Le Silence de la mer (The Silence of the Sea) is a 1949 film by Jean-Pierre Melville that takes place in 1941 and concerns a Frenchman (w:fr:Jean-Marie Robain) and his niece (Nicole Stéphane),'s relationship with a German lieutenant von Ebrennac (Howard Vernon), who lives in their house during the German occupation of France. Melville based the film on the 1942 book of the same name, Le Silence de la mer by Jean Bruller (under the name Vercors) and actually filmed inside of Vercors' own home outside of Paris. The film has been described as an "anti-cinematographic" film due to the unique method of narration used to give voice to the (mostly) silent Frenchman and his niece. It was made shortly after Melville was demobbed from the Resistance and is one of several films made by Melville on the French Resistance, along with Léon Morin, prêtre and L'armée des ombres.[...]


A hero of the French New Wave for his independence from the mainstream French film industry, Jean-Pierre Melville (1917-73) is most celebrated for his cool gangster movies. But drawing on his experience with the resistance in France and the Free French army in London, he made three outstanding films about the occupation – Léon Morin, Priest (1961), Army of Shadows (1969), and his accomplished, low-budget debut, Le Silence de la mer, based on a novella by Vercors (nom de guerre of Jean Bruller), published in 1942 by the clandestine underground press, Les Editions de Minuit.[...]
Le Silence de la mer | Film | The Observer

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