Author Topic: Σώμα Δίωξης Οικονομικού Εγκλήματος (ΣΔΟΕ) -> Economic Crimes Enforcement Agency, Financial and Economic Crime Unit, Fraud Squad  (Read 6529 times)


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Σώμα Δίωξης Οικονομικού Εγκλήματος (Σ.Δ.Ο.Ε.) -> Economic Crimes Enforcement Agency (SDOE)

EL | Law 3316/2005 (Government Journal Issue 42/A/22.2.2005) governing the allocation and performance of public contracts for conducting studies and rendering relevant services, and other provisions. Law 3310/2005 (Government Journal Issue 30/A/14.2.2005) governing the measures to ensure the transparency and prevent infringements of the procedure for concluding public contracts as amended by Article 12 of Law 3414/2005. The provisions of this law are implemented in the procedure for concluding and performing public contracts, with a view to ensuring transparency and healthy competition as well as strengthening pluralism and the provision of objective information on equal terms. It amends Law 2328/2005 (Government Journal Issue 159/A). Law 3296/2004 governing natural and legal persons’ income tax, tax inspection, and other provisions, which established the Special Audit Service (YPEE) and abolished the Economic Crimes Enforcement Agency (SDOE) set up by Law 2343/95 (Government Journal Issue 211/A/11.10.1995).

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Research, identification and combating of economic offences of particular significance, such as money laundering frauds, violations related to provisions, grants, illegal stocks trading and other financial transactions, as well as economic frauds against interests of the Greek Government and the E.U. in particular regardless of the place of execution of the crime.
The screening of the implementation of tax laws as well as the temporary tax audits, especially to withholding taxes focusing on V.A.T. and imposed taxes as well as the checking of the implementation of customs regulations / legislation.
Prevention, disclosure and combat of illegal transactions, frauds and activities conducted using electronic means, internet and other new technologies. Prevention, prosecution and combat of other offences, such as drugs trafficking, weapons and explosives, psychotropic drugs, toxic and hazardous substances (radioactive and nuclear materials, toxic wastes ect), antiquities and objects of great cultural value.
Surveillance of maritime areas and carrying out checks for the combat of tax fraud and smuggling.
Protection in collaboration with competent Authorities of the coastline and beaches as well as exchangeable and public property, owned by the Ministry of Finance, from arbitrary violations and construction