Siegfried Wagner: Nacht am Narocz (1919)


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Published on 29 May 2012
Nacht am Narocz [Night at Lake Narach] (1919)

A song by German composer Siegfried Wagner (1869-1930), written as a wedding present for his friend Dr. Günther Holstein (1892-1931), a legal scholar, with whom he used to have long conversations about politics. Here, Wagner sets an unusual (and rather disturbingly blood-thirsty) patriotic-religious poem by Holstein to music. At the moment in the poem where the Saviour appears above the fallen warriors on the battlefield, Wagner uses the "faith" leitmotif from his opera Heidenkönig, Op. 9. In 1921, the song was orchestrated by Siegfried Wagner's collaborator Carl Kittel and premiered by the tenor Josef Heller in the margravial opera house in Bayreuth.

English translation of Holstein's poem "Nacht am Narocz":

"It's getting quiet! The sun has gone down.
The loud thunder of guns is silenced.
A day has passed by in blood and corpses.
Now night closes the day up in its grave.
I stand speechless.
My eyes see nothing more.
I can only listen,
but everything around me is still.
I walk further.
But what makes my feet falter?
Didn't a greeting sound softly from over there?
A bright beam of light glides through the night:
You stride out of the dark shadows towards me!
You holy visage!
I know you!
Your head crowned with thorns --
I greet you! Why are
you walking with your sacred power,
my Lord and Savior, to me in the night?
Why are you looking for me so far from home?
Look! I'm grabbing your hand over the corpses!
Be with me even today after bloody deeds.
You know we're planting the seeds of future days.
You gave this love, love for the homeland.
You gave the peace
that the world does not give.
Bless them that defend the homeland.
Bless us and our blood-dripping swords.
We put the guard in your hands! Stay
with us, for we're surrounded by night.
Give us the Holy Spirit, give us the holy power
that will make new the blood- drenched earth,
so that it will rise above night and sorrow
to the glory of your Kingdom!"

Soprano: Rebecca Broberg
Piano: Hans-Martin Gräbner

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* "Nacht at Narocz " ->  Lake Narach in Belarus.

Η λίμνη βρίσκεται κοντά στο Μινσκ και είναι τόπος ενός εκ των αρχαιοτέρων παραλιμνίων οικισμών της Ευρώπης. Στα νερά της αποδίδονται θεραπευτικές ακόμη και μαγικές ιδιότητες. Το τοπίο γύρω είναι ιδιαίτερα ειδυλιακό και οι νύχτες αφύσικα ήσυχες και κρύες. Όταν έχει ξαστεριά, βλέπεις και τους πιο μακρινούς γαλαξίες και τους αγαπημένους σου νεκρούς, άστρα φωτεινά ανάμεσά τους. Το ίδιο το όνομα έχει μεγάλη δύναμη. Πείτε στο στα σκοτεινά και θα καταλάβετε τι εννοώ... :)   
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