hard goods -> διαρκή καταναλωτικά αγαθά, διαρκή αγαθά


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hard goods -> μη εύκαμπτα προϊόντα;

Customers are offered hard goods for the main Performance category the retailer sells (e.g. rackets, hockey sticks, skis, bicycles, sports electronics).

In economics, a durable good or a hard good is a good that does not quickly wear out, or more specifically, one that yields utility over time rather than being completely consumed in one use. Items like bricks could be considered perfectly durable goods, because they should theoretically never wear out. Highly durable goods such as refrigerators, cars, or mobile phones usually continue to be useful for three or more years of use, so durable goods are typically characterized by long periods between successive purchases.
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Το σωστό είναι: διαρκή καταναλωτικά αγαθά. Το εύκαμπτα είναι παντελώς λάθος! Λάθος είναι κσι η πρώτη απόδοση διότι περιλαμβάνει και τσ δισρκή παραγωγικά αγαθά.


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