EU Moves to Address Shortage of English Interpreters


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EU Moves to Address Shortage of English Interpreters

The European Commission (EC) is launching a campaign to raise awareness about an expected shortage of interpreters. The goal is to encourage young people to pursue careers in languages, especially in the field of English translation. The EC forecasts that institutions in the European Union (EU) might experience a severe shortfall of English interpreters by 2015 due to rising retirements. By strengthening language instruction among young people, the EC hopes "to make sure that EU multilingual meetings can continue to be fully serviced with interpreters." One EU official advocated the promotion of the European Masters in Interpreting Degree as well as post-graduate conference interpreting training available in the United Kingdom. Such training is currently offered at the Universities of Heriot-Watt, Bath, Newcastle, Leeds, and Salford. The EC campaign is based on strategies used in the past by the EU Interpretation Directorate in the Czech Republic and Latvia. A video promoting the interpreting profession will also be featured in the United Kingdom. "We need to make sure that young Europeans know that language study can be important for a future career and that the institutions offer a variety of jobs for excellent linguists," said an EU executive.

From "EU Moves to Address Shortage of English Interpreters"
EurActiv (Belgium) (02/18/09)

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - February 2009
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