Birdy - Older (lyrics and video)


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Lyrics - Birdy - Older. English to Greek

I wish that I was older,
Old enough to be yours,
And I wish that I was wiser,
Wise enough to be strong-minded,
To keep up with the words you say
That make me feel so young
But I don’t know where this is going,
I’ve just been hoping
And I can see by your smile
That you’re glowing inside and out
Let’s not pretend like it’s not what it is,
When I’m just starting to realize
That I love you,
And I wish that we were strangers,
Strange enough to go unnoticed from this crowd
And I wish that we were closer,
Close enough for me to hold you
When your lonely nights become too long to bear
You hold your head up high,
Though it’s hard to,
I can’t keep back,
I know I just want you,
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