how much does it cost -> πόσο κάνει, πόσο κοστίζει, τι κόστος έχει, πόσο στοιχίζει, πόσο πάει, πόσο πάει το μαλλί

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I would like this translation to be in English alphabet, as opposed to Greek alphabet. Thank you very much.
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"Poso kanei?" or "poso kostizei?" would do fine. The first is pronounced "POS-so KAH-nee?", and the second "POS-so kos-TEE-zee?".

Closed "o" as in "hope". If you know any Spanish, that would be exactly "póso káni" and almost perfectly "póso kostízi" respectively (the Z in "kostízi" should be pronounced as English Z, "zelda" - Spanish doesn't have the /z/ sound).
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