turkeys voting for Christmas -> πράξη αυτοκτονίας, βάζω τα χεράκια μου και βγάζω τα ματάκια μου, σκάβω μόνος μου το λάκκο μου


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Turkeys voting for Christmas is an English idiom used as a metaphor or simile (in the construct "like turkeys voting for Christmas") in reference to a suicidal ("death-wish" political act, especially a vote. In the United Kingdom, turkeys are customarily eaten on Christmas Day dating back to 1573 when they became part of the English Christmas dinner.

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations writes that a commentator in the Independent Magazine traced the origin of the phrase to British Liberal Party politician David Penhaligon, who is quoted as saying: "Us voting for the Pact is like a turkey voting for Christmas" in reference to the Lib-Lab Pact which he opposed.
Turkeys voting for Christmas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Γέλασα πολύ πάντως ψάχνοντας να βρω μία καλή απόδοση -- στο glosbe είδα ακόμη και το... κυριολεκτικό, "οι γαλοπούλες δεν ψηφίζουν για τα Χριστούγεννα", χαχαχα (https://glosbe.com/en/el/turkeys%20voting%20for%20christmas) (βρε μπας;;)
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