Off-white, fawn dispersion

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Από Material Safety Data Sheets

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Δεν είμαι σίγουρη αν κατάλαβα καλά το Material Safety Data Sheets, αλλά αν είναι κάτι στο ίδιο πνεύμα με αυτό:

Solsperse? hyperdispersants are used in surface coatings to improve pigment dispersion and to reduce interparticulate attraction within that dispersion. Solsperse hyperdispersants are widely used in applications where resins are a component of the millbase, for example, inks and paints.

Solsperse? synergists aid the Solsperse hyperdispersant during the dispersion of non-polar pigments.

For assistance in selecting the correct hyperdispersant for your paint, ink, or plastic application and for formulation recommendations, please log on to the Additives Selection Tool.

από εδώ:

νομίζω πως θα ταίριαζε το ''υπόλευκος'' και ''φαιοκίτρινη χρωματική διασκόρπιση''.


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