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Web Lookup plugin for Studio 2014
« on: 29 Apr, 2015, 14:39:12 »

The Web Lookup plugin for Studio 2014 allows the user to select text in the source or target language of the translation and run an internet search by clicking on an icon in the ribbon, right-clicking in the editor and selecting "web lookup" or through the use of a simple keyboard shortcut. The search takes place in one of the 40 preconfigured websites... but that's not all! You can add your own websites to the menu or remove existing ones to configure the application the way you like. There is a useful guide that helps you to create the correct search URL and use it in the application.

The search results themselves are language sensitive. For example, if you select a German source word then the results will be in a German website if available, and an English target language will result in a search result from an English website etc.
The results are displayed in a window in Studio which can be placed wherever you like to make your personal use more convenient.
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