saddle seat -> καρέκλα κυρτωμένη σαν σέλα, στυλ ιππασίας


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saddle seat -> καρέκλα κυρτωμένη σαν σέλα

Saddle Seat is a style of horseback riding within the category of English riding that is designed to show off the high trotting action of certain horse breeds. The style developed into its modern form in the United States, and is also seen in Canada and South Africa. To a much lesser extent, it is ridden with American action horse breeds in Europe and Australia.

SkyRider is an airliner saddle seat, a type of airplane seat shaped similar to a horse saddle. It was designed by the Italian firm Aviointeriors and reduces economy-class seating spacing (seat pitch) from an average of 32- to 30-inches, to 23-inches (58cm), a 25% decrease. The creator describes it as for use for ultra-high density seating configurations, allowing up to 40% increase in passenger capacity.
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