light a candle ->ανάβω κερί, άναψε ένα κερί

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light a candle | curse the dark -> άναψε ένα κερί | καταράσου το σκοτάδι

i desperately need translations for the following phrases:

"Light a candle."


"Curse the dark."


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It very much depends on how these two phrases appear in a sentence.

For the saying "It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark", the Greek translation would be:

"Καλύτερα να ανάψεις ένα κερί παρά να καταριέσαι το σκοτάδι".

If you need them separately, in the imperative, then you would say:

Άναψε ένα κερί.

Καταράσου το σκοτάδι.


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