a quantity abstracting from specific experiences -> μέγεθος απομονωμένο από συγκεκριμένες εμπειρίες

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αυτό δεν είμαι σίγουρη ότι το καταλαβαίνω καν:

In nature, things appear to recur, but the individual experience of life and death teaches us that time is not reversible. Different historical times are experienced not only by individuals but also by groups and over a time span of several generations. Accordingly, the irreversible nature of time changes from a natural into a cultural experience of a given story or history, although such stories can be and have been interpreted as a natural cycle, for example, one of growing and decaying empires. Time measured in an absolute chronology such as the secularized Christian era becomes a quantity abstracting from specific experiences, interpretations, and meaning. At the same time, such a chronology enables us to connect various histories and cultural constructs of different groups and to combine them into a new and more general history.

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  • The word is not enough...
Εγώ θα έλεγα ότι απομονώνει συγκεκριμμένες εμπειρίες/βιώματα, ερμηνείες κλπ... από το σύνολο της ιστορίας της χρονικής περιόδου για να διαμορφώσει και να καταγράψει το εν λόγω ιστορικό γεγονός.

Δες το κι έτσι, Κατερίνα...


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  • Γιατί να το κρύψω; Ναι, είμαι μία φελάχα!

Το διαβάζω ως 'abstracting from' = without
(παραείναι απλό, όμως...)

Συμφωνώ: abstract = Consider a concept without thinking of a specific example; consider abstractly or theoretically / Consider apart from a particular case or instance.
Μην κοιμάσαι, είναι επικίνδυνο. Μην ξυπνήσεις, θα το μετανοιώσεις!
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Σε επίρρωση και εξειδίκευση των παραπάνω, να προσθέσω την απαραίτητη τεκμηρίωση από το OED:

b. abstracting from: withdrawing in thought from, leaving out of consideration, apart from. Obs. or arch.
1655 Marquis of Worcester Cent. Inv. Dedic. ii. 16, Yet, abstracting from any Interest of my own, but as a Fellow-subject and Compatriot will I ever labour.  1667 Decay of Chr. Piety v. §26. 240 Take her as mere Paynim, abstracting from the expectation of reward or punishment.  1679 Jenison Narr. Pop. Plot 24 His Person (abstracting from his Crimes) having been always... dear to me.  1711 C. M. Let. to Curat 95 Abstracting from... what was needful for humouring the thing, the Curat seldom speaks but in the words of the First-rate Divines.  1847 De Quincey Secret Soc. Wks. 1863 VI. 254 Abstracting, however, from the violent disturbances of those stormy times... we may collect that the scheme of the Farrers was, etc.

ένα μέγεθος απομονωμένο από εμπειρίες...


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