Ireland Adds Second Translation Unit


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Ireland Adds Second Translation Unit

The Irish government plans to create another language unit to translate its secondary legislation. The decision comes after a High Court ruling in 2004 that the government has a constitutional responsibility to publish statutory instruments simultaneously in Irish and English. Translators will be recruited for the new unit, although some of the work will be handled by contract workers. A backlog of approximately 46,000 pages needs to be translated. The Irish parliament's Department of Communications states that Ireland wants "to develop the capacity of the private sector to provide outsourced translation services at the requisite standard and to meet needs by a mixture of staff recruitment, outsourcing to the private sector, and providing advisory and support services to departments and other rule-making authorities." The existing language unit will continue to focus on producing Irish versions of primary legislation, order papers, and minutes of proceedings. The language unit, which employs 17 translators, also provides translation services for both Houses and one committee.

From "Government to Run Second Translation Unit"
Irish Times (Ireland) (05/18/09) Siggins, Lorna

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - May 2009

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