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TBXMaker is a free utility that converts glossaries stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values) to TBX (TermBase eXchange) format.

TBX is an open XML-based standard format for terminological data published by LISA .

A TermBase, or terminological database, is a special kind of glossary in which terms are classified in several categories through user-defined attributes. TBX is one possible representation in XML format of the content of a terminological database.

In technical terms, TBX is a terminology markup framework (TMF) , a markup language that complies with the ISO 12200 standard known as MARTIF.

TBXMaker lets you map the columns of a CSV file, usually generated from an MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc spreasheet, to concepts, terms and attributes in a TBX compliant Document.


TBXMaker in action

Term Attributes are defined in XCS templates, special XML files that describe the names and possible values that attributes can have. Two XCS templates are included with TBXMaker:

    *      tbxdefault.xcs The sample template included in TBX specifications. This template provides a comprehensive list of attributes and their values.
    *      simple.xcs A small template with a basic subset of attributes from tbxdefault.xcs .

Additional templates can be created with the aid of Heartsome Dictionary Editor.

Java 1.4 or better is required to run TBXMaker. Java is available as free download from http://www.java.com .
Supported Platforms

TBXMaker can be used in the following operating systems:
*   Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
*   Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 (Panther/Tiger)
*   Linux with GTK2



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