Speech Recognition in 40+ languages using mobile phone + computer

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Speech Recognition in 40+ languages using mobile phone + computer
Speech Recognition Is in Your Back Pocket (or Wherever You Keep Your Mobile Phone) | The Chronicle

Interestingly, the author of this article finds complex ways to use speech recognition on a PC via a mobile phone app, when some tools offer that directly on a PC (and for free), i.e. Wordfast Anywhere:

Web Speech Beta
ONLY available for Chrome.
This is a beta implementation that uses Google Web Speech API to insert your dictation into the target segment.
To use it, first open the segment and then click on Translation tab => Mic.png Web Speech Beta button to start the dictation. The icon will change to indicate recording is on. To stop dictation click again on the button.
You can add a shortcut to this command.
You can jump to the next segment as always and keep on dictating. Or you can stop dictation, jump to the next segment and start dictation again.

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