dog-whistle politics -> πολιτική διγλωσσίας, πολιτική με κρυφά μηνύματα


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dog-whistle politics -> πολιτική διγλωσσίας, πολιτική με κρυφά μηνύματα

dog whistle -> σφυρίχτρα για σκύλους, σφυρίχτρα για σκύλους υψηλής συχνότητας, κάτι που γίνεται κατανοητό μόνο από λίγους, μήνυμα για συγκεκριμένο κοινό

Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. The phrase is often used as a pejorative because of the inherently deceptive nature of the practice and because the dog-whistle messages are frequently distasteful to the general populace. The analogy is to a dog whistle, whose high-frequency whistle is heard by dogs but inaudible to humans.

dog-whistle politics (uncountable)
Communicating political ideas such that only a small group of voters understands them as they are meant to be understood, usually involving contentious subject matter

A high-pitched whistle, inaudible to humans, used to train dogs.
That which is understood only by a narrow demographic.
(politics) An allusion or comment made by a politician with the intent that only a certain audience note it and recognize its significance.

Sometimes, governments have even been guilty of gesture or dog-whistle politics designed to get media headlines or to label opponents soft on crime or terrorism.
Ορισμένες φορές, οι κυβερνήσεις υπήρξαν υπεύθυνες για πολιτικές εντυπωσιασμού ή διγλωσσίας με στόχο να γίνουν πρωτοσέλιδα στα μέσα ενημέρωσης ή να χαρακτηρίσουν τους αντιπάλους επιεικείς με το έγκλημα ή την τρομοκρατία.
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