Author Topic: EmEditor: How to add columns in csv mode  (Read 250 times)


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EmEditor: How to add columns in csv mode
« on: 29 Jul, 2017, 17:11:39 »
EmEditor: How to add column in csv mode

First, copy a column including tabs in vertical selection mode. To do this easily, first make sure the Ruler is visible by selecting “View > Ruler” on the menu.

Double-click on the Ruler above the column you want to copy to select the specified column. Press CTRL + C to copy that column to the Clipboard, move the cursor to the beginning of the column where you want to paste the Clipboard, and then CTRL + V to insert the column.

If you want to copy data from a different file, make sure to select as a vertical selection (pressing the ALT key while selecting, or press CTRL + SHIFT + F8 to start selection). This way, when you press CTRL + C to copy, the Clipboard contents are in the vertical selection mode.
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