Author Topic: Break folder with many files into multiple subfolders (Windows, bat script)  (Read 113 times)


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Break folder with many files into multiple subfolders

Put this code in a txt file, put the file in the big folder, rename the extension to bat. Adjust:

limit=2999 [The number of files each subfolder will have]
*.html [The type of files you are moving]

Code: [Select]
@Echo Off
If /I Not "%__CD__%"=="%~dp0" PushD "%~dp0" 2>Nul||Exit/B
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe >nul
taskkill /f /im SearchIndexer.exe >nul
sc stop WSearch >nul
sc config WSearch start= disabled >nul

SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Set "DirN=-1"

Set/A "DirN+=1"
If Exist "%DirN%" GoTo Check_DirN
echo Moving files to Directory %DirN%...
Set "limit=2999"
MD "%DirN%"
For %%A In (*.html) Do (
    RoboCopy . "%DirN%" "%%A" /MOV 1>NUL
    Set/A "limit-=1"
    If !limit! Lss 0 GoTo Check_DirN
Echo(Task Done!

start explorer.exe
start SearchIndexer.exe
sc config WSearch start= delayed-auto >nul
sc start WSearch >nul
Timeout -1 1>Nul
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