Author Topic: ἠ πρὸς Τιμόθεον α' ἐπιστολή· Τιμοθέῳ ἑταίρῳ Παῦλος διελέξατο ταῦτα -> First epistle to Timothy: Paul discussed these things with his colleague Timothy  (Read 176 times)


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This is the title that appears on a manuscript of 1 Timothy written in 1308.

The basic sense is not very difficult, but I just want to verify my translate.

I would translate it as -- The Epistle to Timothy A: The Things Paul Discussed with His Colleague Timothy

Am I on the right track.
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We're apparently dealing with what Kirsopp Lake and Silva New list as Codex 1739 on p. 191 of their Six Collations of New Testament Manuscripts:  "προς τιμοθεον α' and in later minuscule τιμοθεω εταιρω παυλος διελεξατο ταυτα."  The τιμοθεος you cite is a mistake in transcription.
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