Canada Issues Call to Strengthen Language Industry


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Canada Issues Call to Strengthen Language Industry

Canadian government officials have launched a call for proposals to improve the Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program. The call for proposals is aimed specifically at two initiatives under the Roadmap for Canada's Linguistic Duality 2008-2013—the University Scholarship Program in Translation and the Language Industry Initiative. "The launch of this call for proposals is concrete evidence of the government of Canada's commitment to support the development of a skilled language sector workforce in Canada," says Canada's Minister of Public Works and Government Services Christian Paradis. "Investment in this sector is needed to sustain our linguistic duality, an essential part of our identity, which enables our culture to flourish." The university scholarships program will allow post-secondary institutions to attract students who will become the translators and interpreters of the future. The language industry initiative will enable the performance of major projects, specifically spotlighting the industry and putting together corporate internships.

From "Government of Canada Launches a Call for Proposals for University Scholarships in Translation and the Language Industry Initiative"
Canada News Centre (Canada) (07/03/09) Dewey-Plante, Mary-Ann

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - July 2009
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