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Here's probably the best way to save on productivity software: Use the free instead of paying $300 or more for Microsoft Office. In OpenOffice you get a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation program, a database, a drawing application and math software, all full-featured.

Think free means underpowered? Think again. This is a surprisingly powerful package that does just about everything that Microsoft Office does. You can even open and create files in various Office file formats -- and, of course, you can work with other file formats as well. Not only that, but this suite even works with Office's markup mode, so you can use it when collaborating with people who use Office.

The interface is functional, but that's the best you can say about it. Though it's somewhat crude looking, it still gets the job done. It isn't nearly as polished as Microsoft Office. It also doesn't have a ribbon like that of the latest version of Office. Depending on what you think about the ribbon, that's either very bad or very good.

Download | Price: Free

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