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At 150MB, the regular OpenOffice is a hefty download; it consumes even more space on your hard disk when installed. What if you're looking for something lighter -- say, something to run on a netbook? Or how about taking the whole OpenOffice suite with you on a USB flash drive that you can use on any computer?

If that sounds more like your style, you'll want OpenOffice Portable, a considerably slimmed-down version of OpenOffice. It's an 87MB download, but it looks and feels much like the full-blown OpenOffice suite.

Note that you may run into some problems. When I installed the software, it didn't install a desktop icon or show up on the Start menu, so I had to manually navigate to the program's folder to run it. The default folder it installed didn't work either and I could find no uninstall routine for it. Opening the application or creating files in it is significantly slower than performing the same action in OpenOffice, too. Still, if you're willing to put up with all that for the sake of saving some disk space, it's worth a try.

Download Portable | Price: Free

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