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Simple Sticky Notes

The name of this program says it all: It lets you create sticky notes on your PC similar to the paper Post-It notes that litter people's offices. Just double-click the program's icon in your system tray and it makes a note for you. Type in whatever you want to remember and you're done. You can drag the note to any location on your desktop.

Want to change the font or the text color? You can do that and make the text bold or italic. How about changing the note's color? Yes, you can do that, too, and you can change its opacity. You also can hide notes, print them and even automatically send their text via e-mail.

Overall, Simple Sticky Notes is straightforward and a snap to use -- and it won't waste your time.

Download Simple Sticky Notes | Price: Free

Source: http://tech.msn.com/downloads/articlepcw.aspx?cp-documentid=20774745&page=2
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