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Chances are, you spend a big chunk of your workday going through your e-mail. Free office suites such as OpenOffice.org don't have an e-mail client, while Microsoft Office does, in Outlook.

Thunderbird, a product of Mozilla, the same group that develops Firefox, offers a slew of high-end e-mail features, yet is extremely simple to use. In addition to all the standard e-mail features, it can encrypt messages, digitally sign messages and create filters for handling mail automatically when it arrives. It even supports RSS feeds and newsgroups, so you can keep up on the latest blogs, news and discussions. If you already have an e-mail client, Thunderbird will import your existing settings, so switching over is effortless.

Unlike Outlook, Thunderbird has no calendar, to-do list or other PIM features. If you need those, check out EssentialPIM Free, described above.

Download Thunderbird | Price: Free

Source: http://tech.msn.com/downloads/articlepcw.aspx?cp-documentid=20774745&page=2
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