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If you already use Outlook but you want to improve your productivity and reduce e-mail overload, here's the best way to do it. Xobni cuts through e-mail clutter, makes keeping in touch easier and streamlines searching for messages and contacts.

The program works as an Outlook add-on. When you need to use Xobni, it slides out from the right side of Outlook; when you're done with it, the app hides away.

The program indexes all of your e-mail and its search is faster than the one built into Outlook. For each of your e-mail messages, it gives information about the person with whom you're conversing, including a threaded list of every e-mail between the two of you. It also provides a list of every file you've exchanged, as well as the person's phone number and "social network," which is a list of people with whom the person has exchanged e-mail. Xobni integrates with the social networking sites Facebook and LinkedIn and it grabs information about your contacts from those sites, too.

You'll find a lot more in this program, including analytics tools that report personal statistics such as the average amount of time you take to respond to people by day, month and week.

Download Xobni | Price: Free

Source: http://tech.msn.com/downloads/articlepcw.aspx?cp-documentid=20774745&page=2
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