Illinois County Courts Expanding Use of Interpreters


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Illinois County Courts Expanding Use of Interpreters

The Kane County, Illinois, court system is increasingly requiring the assistance of interpreters. Spanish is the most common foreign language spoken in the county's courts, and Spanish interpreters are now kept on regular contracts. Kane County spent $80,000 last year on contracted interpreters, and a total of $350,000 on other interpreters. The court system has had to find interpreters who speak French, Russian, Polish, Korean, Chinese, Urdu, Pashto, Japanese, and Dinka. The need for interpreters who speak a wide variety of languages is a reflection of the growth of Kane County, according to Doug Naughton, Kane's court administrator. "It's a sign of how many more people we have, and from different backgrounds," he says.

From "Exotic Tongues Costly to Courts"
Suburban Chicago News (IL) (08/09/09) Lord, Steve

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - August 2009
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