U.S. Census Bureau Extends Efforts to Count Immigrants


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U.S. Census Bureau Extends Efforts to Count Immigrants

The U.S. Census Bureau recently hired two interpreters in an effort to overcome language barriers in Maine during the official count of the country's population next year. Census Day is April 1, 2010, and the interpreters will be helpful because someone representing the federal government now will be able to speak to immigrants in their own languages, says Gail Driscoll, who heads the agency's outreach program in the state. The bureau has hired a Somali immigrant who also can speak Arabic. Portland and Lewiston have a large number of immigrants from Sudan who speak Arabic. Another interpreter has been hired to help reach out to Maine's Latino population. The bureau is translating its surveys into 59 languages, and will make them available in assistance centers, such as nonprofit organizations and church halls. Using the translations, census workers will be able to help people who have trouble reading English complete their questionnaires.

From "Census Will Reach Out to Count Immigrants"
Portland Press Herald (ME) (08/02/09) Bell, Tom

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - August 2009


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