absolutely -> απόλυτα, απολύτως, πέρα για πέρα, ολότελα, ακριβώς, σωστά, ούτε λόγος, αναμφίβολα, το δίχως άλλο, καθ' ολοκληρίαν, εννοείται, στάνταρ, στανταράκι, χαλαρά, και το ρωτάς


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Words like 'honestly/absolutely/literally' are used so often that our everyday language has become littered with such terms, so nondescript and ubiquitous that we barely even register their presence.
In Greek I know that απολύτως & απόλυτα are used but are these particular words used with the frequency that they are in English? Ι have heard κορυφή & βασικά used but do they mean 'aabsolutely' and 'basically' respectively? Or have they a different nuance in Greek?
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